SA Online Gamblers Busted Winnings Confiscated

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Cape Town - Several gamblers who won a total of around R1.25m in online activities in SA have had their winnings confiscated, the trade and industry department said on Saturday.

Minister Rob Davies had previously cautioned that online gambling was illegal for คาสิโนออนไลน์ South African citizens and that their winnings would be forfeited to the State after an application through the High Court, said department spokesperson Sidwell Medupe.

"Minister Davies has also expressed concern that online gambling could be utilised to launder money. It is on this basis that the banks continue to collaborate with the National Gambling Board to confiscate the unlawful winnings."

Medupe said those caught gambling online, or those running illegal gambling establishments, such as internet cafés, would face criminal charges, a fine not exceeding R10m, or both.

Those who wanted more information on what was lawful could visit the National Gambling Board's